Dangerously Chloe Vol. 3


By David Lumsdon & Jason Waltrip

ISBN: 978-1-926443-52-2
250 pgs / Color cover with b&w interiors
Cover and back cover illustrations by Gisèle Lagacé (with Anwar Hanano)
Collects chapters 18 through 24 of the online series.

Includes the book exclusive chapter "Take Off Your Sunday Best".

Teddy-- or Teddi-- has finally come to accept life as a girl and absolutely everything that goes along with it, to save Chloe's life-- and her own. But Teddi's new look draws attention from all corners, from bullying or smitten peers to young monster hunters to her own family. Also involved are Heaven, Hell, and the angel of death-- not a crowd known for resolving differences over a game of Scrabble (the succubi object that there aren't enough X tiles to spell "XXXRATED"). Can Teddi and Chloe survive? Maybe so. But not without a price.