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Ménage à 3 Vol. 2

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Ménage à 3 Vol. 2

By Gisele Lagace & David Lumsdon
ISBN: 978-0-9918537-4-8

Collects Year Two of Ma3
(May 16/09 to May 13/10)
176 pgs / 5" x 7.5"
Color cover with b&w interiors
(Strips are printed portrait, with the first half above the second half.)

SEE Zii and Dillon's kissing match.
BEAR WITNESS to DiDi and Sandra's bloomin' drunken friendship at Chez Parée.
BE HORRIFIED by Yuki's secret origin, as her fear of tentacles stands revealed!
CHEER as Nekomimi Zii gets her burnt tongue taken care of by a friendly but clueless waitress.
BE SHOCKED as DiDi offers her body to... Yuki?

All this & MORE! As the story culminates into the craziest play you ever did see. The whole cast collides in one of our most exciting chapters EVER!

Bonus Features include:
• "When Yuki met Suzi" An all new 6-page print exclusive bonus story! This is it! The story that explains how these two met, and why their relationship is so complicated. Plus, meet Zii's bandmates. You'll be saying "Really? Those two?!"
• 5 pages (3 little arcs) from the Slipshine archive, where we do "what-ifs" situation. For instance, what if Gary hadn't been there during Zii & Dillon's kissing match? Find out here!
• 5 new chapter break illustrations, and a new back cover illustration

POSTCARD EDITION includes 4 postcard sized pin-ups (18+)

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