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Ménage à 3 Vol. 5

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Ménage à 3 Vol. 5

By Gisele Lagace & David Lumsdon
ISBN: 978-0-9918537-7-9

Collects Year Five of Ma3
(May 12/12 to June 4/13)
176 pgs / 5" x 7.5"
Color cover with b&w interiors
(Strips are printed in portrait format, with the first half above the second half.)

Gary and Yuki are together at last... Yuki's innocence has touched his heart! If only her fists could stop punching his groin! Ex-porn star Amber and the fiery, feisty Sonya plan to snatch Gary away, Amber with the best intentions, Sonya with the worst. (Sonya also plans to be united with her one true love, Zii. She likes to keep busy.) DiDi only wants to borrow Gary for, like, five minutes or ten... how long does an orgasm take, anyway? But you won't believe where he ends up when the volume ends...

Bonus features include:
• An all new 5-page, print exclusive, "what-if" bonus story featuring Gary and his possible future wives. What would it be like if he married Zii? Yuki? DiDi? XX? XX?
• Part 2 of the Senna & Sandra Adventures.
• Zii & Yuki cosplay pictures
• 6 new chapter break illustrations, and a new back cover illustration!

All of the above PLUS 4 postcard-size pin-ups featuring DiDi & Sonya, Amber & Chanelle, Zii & Yuki, Sandra & Senna.

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