Space Captain Miyuki: Dead or Alive (issue 2)


Written by David Lumsdon
Pencils by Fernando Ruiz
Inks by Jason Waltrip
Colors by Anwar Hanano
Letters by Taylor Esposito

32 pages / full color / ISBN: 978-1-926443-58-4

If a galaxy’s worth of bounty hunters were after your head, you’d probably be focused on getting somewhere safe. All Space Captain Miyuki is after is revenge...and she may just get it, if she can outmaneuver the schemes of mercenary third parties and the misguided actions of those who love her best. And if not, hey, she tried, right?

* This follow-up to our first Space Captain Miyuki one shot was funded as a stretch goal for Menage a 3's volume 10 Kickstarter which happened in 2019.