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Sticky Dilly Buns Vol. 2

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Image of Sticky Dilly Buns Vol. 2
  • Image of Sticky Dilly Buns Vol. 2

By Gisèle Lagacé

ISBN: 978-1-926443-50-8
Collects strips 151 to 336 (the final portion) of the online comic.
Color cover with b&w interiors

Unlikely friends Dillon and Ruby challenge each other a lot, but that helps them face other challenges, like Ruby's disinterested-seeming boyfriend and some men who seem interested in Dillon for all the wrong reasons. Though Ruby's sometimes not so much "helping" there as she is "delightedly ogling." On his own, Dillon has to face his jealousy and career woes, while Ruby has to address her frosty family relations and whether her manga addiction can possibly be an asset in her business-minded life. Or they could just fail to face those problems forever, we suppose! Growth is optional.


• In our bonus chapter "Natural Honey," we learn how well things went with Ruby's yaoi calendar. Has this helped Dillon's career or made it worse?
• "The Director" (Bonus story from Kickstarter Round 6 which never saw print)
• 9 new chapter break illustrations & new back cover illustration