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Eerie Cuties Vol. 2

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Eerie Cuties -
Vol. 2

By Gisele Lagace, David Lumsdon, M. Victoria Robado & Cassandra Wedeking
ISBN: 978-0-9918537-2-4

224 pgs / 5" x 7.125"
Color cover with b&w interiors

Collects chapters 5 through 8 (Strip 256 to 351) of the new full-page format.
Chapter 5: Diodore Renoir
Chapter 6: Gender-blind date
Chapter 7: The doompanties
Chapter 8: Monstery Date
Plus includes: "Strip Trivial Pursuit" a 6-page print-exclusive bonus story.

Magick Chicks Co-Feature
Collects chapters 3 through 8 (Strip 70 to 176)
Chapter 3: First party investigation
Chapter 4: Faith vs. Layla vs. Tiff vs. Faith
Chapter 5: Dating games
Chapter 6: Trial by attire
Chapter 7: 'Scuse me while I kiss this Skye
Chapter 8: Muscle witch
Chapter 9: Birthday suit
Chapter 10: We're of two minds

This collection collects the second year of Eerie Cuties' new full page format. Relive all the fun of Dio's introduction, the crossover with Magick Chicks, Chloe's transformation with the doompanties, and a monstery double date with an outcome to remember!

Plus read a brand new print-exclusive story "Strip Trivial Pursuit," which has the boys facing the girls, and Blair hoping the girls lose. ;)

The Magick Chicks co-feature has Tiff crash a pool party for Mel's wand, the crossover with EC, Cerise trying to wiggle her way to the top by dating girls (and the consequences of it), Jacqui dating a member of the faculty (bad, Jacqui!), Tiff helping Mel become the magical girl she's destined to be, Faith hitting on Tiff, and a glimpse to why the girls were sent to Artemis Academy.

4 postcard size pin-ups featuring: - Layla, Nina & Brooke - Chloe, Cess & Laura - Mel, Jacqui & Cerise - Faith, Sandi & Callie
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