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Eerie Cuties Vol. 3

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Eerie Cuties -
Vol. 3

By Gisele Lagace, David Lumsdon, M. Victoria Robado & Cassandra Wedeking
ISBN: 978-0-9918537-8-6

216 pgs / 5" x 7.125"
Color cover with b&w interiors

Collects chapters 9 through 13 (Strip 352 to 447) of the new full-page format.
Chapter 9: Uninvited
Chapter 10: Old Crush
Chapter 11: Princess Darkness
Chapter 12: Little Rivals
Chapter 13: Big Little Sister
Guest Chapter: Art Scholarship
Plus includes: "EERIE KITTIES" a 5-page print-exclusive bonus story.

Magick Chicks Co-Feature
Collects chapters 11 through 15 (Strip 177 to 272)
Chapter 11: Two Words
Chapter 12: Impostors
Chapter 13: Family Jewels
Chapter 14: Broken Up
Chapter 15: Whose Idea Was This Again?

Synopsis: Beware Tia Darkness! She’s cuter than Nina, schemier than Cessily, and all about giving people what they think they want and NOT AT ALL what they REALLY want! Will Cess’s friendship with Laura, Ace’s relationship with Brooke, or Nina’s bond with any of them survive?

At Artemis Academy, survival might be more of a literal question! Jacqui is taking some dangerous assignments, and Cerise is getting ever closer to doing something she can’t undo. And what is the mystery of Mel’s parents that neither Ace nor Tiff can uncover? Those parents may kill each other before anyone finds out!

PLUS read a brand new print-exclusive story "EERIE KITTIES," where everyone gets turned into cats, or is that cat girls? This special story is collaborative effort on the art front. Features art by Gisele, Shouri, Cassandra, Eisu, and Severin Piehl.

4 postcard size pin-ups featuring:
- Grown-up Nina & Layla
- Small Laura & Tia
- Mel & Cerise
- Brooke's self-portrait

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