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Ménage à 3 Vol. 4

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Ménage à 3 Vol. 4

By Gisele Lagace & David Lumsdon
ISBN: 978-0-9918537-6-2

Collects Year Four of Ma3
(May 14/11 to May 12/12)
176 pgs / 5" x 7.5"
Color cover with b&w interiors
(Strips are printed in portrait format, with the first half above the second half.)

Once all but invisible to women, Gary comics artist finds himself more and more the center of attention, as the efforts of his wing-girl Zii and kiss-trainer Dillon start bearing fruit. But who will win his heart, and his bed? Yuki, his scriptwriter? Kiley, Yuki's therapist? Sonya, his drama-loving first date? Amber, the ex-porn star? Zii? Dillon in a wig? "Three" was only the beginning... get ready for a menage a MORE!

Bonus features include:
• An all new 5-page, print exclusive, "what-if" bonus story featuring gender-flipped strips!
• Part 1 of the Senna & Sandra Adventures.
• 6 new chapter break illustrations, and a new back cover illustration!

All of the above PLUS 4 postcard-size pin-ups featuring Zii, Yuki, Kiley and Sandra as the leads of the theme.

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