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Ménage à 3 Vol. 7

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Ménage à 3 Vol. 7

By Gisele Lagace & David Lumsdon
ISBN: 978-1-926443-10-2

Collects Year Seven of Ma3
(June 19/14 to July 18/15)
176 pgs / 5" x 7.5"
ISBN: 978-1-926443-10-2
Color cover with b&w interiors
(Strips are printed in portrait format, with the first half above the second half.)

Zii’s band, the Troublemakers, have lived up to their hopes for a big debut... and their name! While Zii wakes up in a compromising position with her bandmates, mutual therapists Kiley and Matt find themselves in complicated four-way arrangements. And Gary has finally gotten together with the dream girl of his porn-watching days, but Amber may be giving him too much of a good thing. This volume also introduces Gary’s creepy boss, more epic sex gone wrong, and Zii’s zealous, jealous, terrifying biggest fan!

Bonus features include:
• "An Education" an all new 5-page, print exclusive, bonus story showing behind the scenes of Gary's night with Matt and Peggy. Oh the things this boy has learned!
• 5 new chapter break illustrations, and a new back cover illustration!

All of the above PLUS 4 postcard-size pin-ups featuring DiDi & Kiley, Sonya & Yuki, Gary & Peggy & Kiley & Matt, Zii & Izzy (see pic two for a glimpse).

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