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Ménage à 3 Vol. 8

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Ménage à 3 Vol. 8

By Gisele Lagace & David Lumsdon
ISBN: 978-1-926443-32-4

Collects Year Eight of Ma3
(July 21/15 to July 30/16)
176 pgs / 5" x 7.5"
Color cover with b&w interiors
(Strips are printed in portrait format, with the first half above the second half.)

DiDi is satisfied at last in love and sex (though let’s not ask her “partner” how she feels about it) and ready to develop some new and life-changing interests. A chance encounter and her determination to make it right leads her right into the world of professional wrestling, where the real emotions are almost as strong as the fake ones! Meanwhile, Gary’s work-friendship with the couple Tracy and Jim goes to ridiculously uncomfortable levels, the Troublemakers get a fourth member who seems to be a bigger troublemaker than the rest of them put together, and under the therapeutic guidance of an increasingly experimental Kiley, Sonya and Yuki need to face once and for all whether their intense hate is also an intense... something else. And trust us... this volume of MA3 ends with a great big BANG!

Bonus features include:
• "Space Captain Miyuki" an all new 5-page, print exclusive, bonus story featuring Captain (Mi)Yuki and girl squadron fighting the evil Empress Sonya in space!
• 7 new chapter break illustrations, and a new back cover illustration!

All of the above PLUS 4 postcard-size pin-ups featuring Zii, DiDi, Sonya & Kiley!

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